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  • Gigi Datome: “Milan was the best solution, I’m very motivated by this opportunity”

    In the world-famous scenario of the Armani / Teatro, introduced by the general manager Christos Stavropoulos (“We have built a more balanced team looking above all, for leadership, experience and athleticism, we are happy – indeed very happy – to be here with Gigi Datome”, he said), Gigi Datome lived the first day as a […]

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  • Let’s the ball rolling: Olimpia is back to work in Milan

    Olimpia is officially back to work with the first team practice of the 2020/21 season scheduled to take place on Monday 3, August, at the Mediolanum Forum, under the eyes of the head coach Ettore Messina and his staff. The team will work in Milan while the debut is scheduled to take place at the […]

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  • From Kevin Punter’s single zero to Gigi Datome’s customary 70: here Olimpia’s jersey numbers

    Paul Biligha is the only player who was in Milan last year and has chosen to change his jersey number. Biligha will no longer play with the 6, but will return to the number 19 that he had already periodically worn, for example in Cremona and also in Venice. The seven players who arrived at […]

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  • Football is where Zach LeDay’s physicality comes from and brought him to Milan

    Zach LeDay comes from Texas, a state that has given to Olimpia players like Keith Langford and Curtis Jerrells in the past, but LeDay comes from the homeland of football, he comes from Dallas, although he attended the Skyline High School, where the most famous student was a basketball star, Larry Johnson, the first pick […]

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