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Kyle Hines and Gigi Datome are the new Olimpia One Team Ambassadors


Olimpia will have two new Ambassadors of its One Team program: they are Kyle Hines and Luigi Datome, two champions who have already held this role and have been part of the One Team family for years. Kyle Hynes is Global Ambassador and Gigi Datome was already Ambassador of the program at Fenerbahce. Before them Olimpia’s Ambassadors has been Nicolò Melli, Bruno Cerella, Davide Pascolo, Amedeo Della Valle, Riccardo Moraschini who starting this year is Ambassador of the Armani Junior Program. “One Team is a way to help and raise awareness about socially useful issues. It is an honor to be part of it every year and to be able to influence the life of those who participate in the project”, says Gigi Datome. “I am happy to be Ambassador of the One Team project along Gigi Datome for the Olimpia Milano – Kyle Hines said -. Since 2012, I have been part of the program. It’s nice to witness how it has grown every year and how we can continue to help so many people. The program allows us, as athletes, to have a real impact on the community we play in. I can’t wait to continue helping One Team’s mission.”