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From Kevin Punter’s single zero to Gigi Datome’s customary 70: here Olimpia’s jersey numbers


Paul Biligha is the only player who was in Milan last year and has chosen to change his jersey number. Biligha will no longer play with the 6, but will return to the number 19 that he had already periodically worn, for example in Cremona and also in Venice. The seven players who arrived at Olimpia in the summer have all chosen their “historical” numbers, with the exception of Davide Moretti and Zach LeDay. The Italian guard who will make his Serie A debut will not play with the 25 worn at Texas Tech, but with the number 3, a symbol of the three years spent in America and also a very fashionable number among the point-guards at this time. LeDay normally played with 32, which however belongs to Jeff Brooks, so he fell back on his second number, 2. For the rest, no surprise: Shavon Shields will still have his 31 worn at every step of his career, Kyle Hines will wear the jersey number 42 which has always accompanied him, Malcolm Delaney will still have his customary 23, Kevin Punter who often played with double zero, opted for single zero. Finally, Gigi Datone confirmed his proverbial number 70 which recalls the year of the foundation of the club  in which he started to play basketball in Olbia and had already worn in Boston and Fenerbahce.

Here we have the official “numbers” video.